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Other - Find Flat Mate

If there is linked page, it is accessible by clicking on ID number on the search page.

-Linked page includes text about: ID number, Type shows what type of find flat mate (Wanted to share property and For Rent looking to find flat mate), Property shows what type of property is it, ShareWith shows sharing capacity of property, Year of manufacture, Price. Also suburb of the property is shown. Lastly there is Extra Information where is all text that tendant writes about find flat mate.
-Linked page includes photos about find flat mate.
-Linked page includes Back button to go back to previous page and Print button to print whole page.

Table below displays options and info about search page for find flat mate.

ID Number
Format: 000 000


For Rent


Number of tendants to share with

Year of Manufacture Wanted Price Suburbs of property Active(Green Field)
Closed (Red Field)
If there is no linked page search page will contain contact (phone number, e-mail). When cursor is moved over ID number contact will be under photo.



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