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    Before Ad Placement
  • Take some photos of the items you want to sell (see max and min requirements).
  • Choose section of the ad (real estate, cars, garage sale, other)
  • Write the best description of the item in up to 5000 characters (for Other no link subsections max text is 50 characters)
  • Also you can choose to put your photo at home page or section page as a preview (1 day or more) - important
  • Make sure you understand everything even if it is very simple
    Ad Placement
  • Go to Home Page (
  • Click on button place ads
  • Follow instructions
  • There are some terms and conditions you have to agree on
  • We need few details about you including contact (phone, mobile or e-mail) on which buyers can contact you to see/buy items.
  • Write details about ad and check everything because it is not possible to go back.
  • Do not forget to upload photos (click Browse button to locate photo, after all photos are located click upload or next button)
  • If you want to see your ad at home or section pages tick suitable box.
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